3 Best Search Engine Optimization Techniques.

1) Adding Meta Tags to your site:

2) Submitting your sites to Google and Yahoo

3) Adding Unique data to your site to reach search engines.

Adding Meta Tags to your sites.

What are meta tags? They are information inserted into the "head" area of your web pages. Other than the title tag (explained below), information in the head area of your web pages is not seen by those viewing your pages in browsers. Instead, meta information in this area is used to communicate information that a human visitor may not be concerned with. Meta tags, for example, can tell a browser what "character set" to use or whether a web page has self-rated itself in terms of adult content.

Using Meta Tags:

Ex:- type="name" content="value">

Name might be description and content is the sentence describing the meta tag.

Role of Meta Tags:

Meta Tag plays a vital role in recognizing your site pages by search engines.

When we add relevant Meta tags describing the actual content of the site, the search engines will crawl to your site and search for the Meta tags as part of search. If the Meta tags are placed properly then it will find the pages and get them as part of results.

This is the easier and cheaper technique to get more ranked and optimize the search engines for your site.

Submitting your sites to Google and Yahoo

The 2nd best idea is to submit your sites to Google and Yahoo which are the top most search engines.

Why to submit sites to Search Engines:

To get this answer you should first know how search engines work?. When ever a search is made in a search engine it go through all the list of websites it has and searches the pages sitemaps for the relevant content by searching its Meta tags to get relevant results.

So if your site should also be part of the site means your site should also be in the list of that search engine, then only the search engine will know that a page with some relevant information with the given details are available, once the site is added the search engine will craws to your site often to get for updated information and stores it.

How to submit your sites:

Each search engine follows its own method in getting your site submitted. Google follows sitemap technique where as yahoo follows meta tag technique.

I will be adding the techniques soon in this blog, so stay tuned.

This will improve your site ranking at a high rate. Believe me you can get 50% high hit rate to your site if you submit your sites to search engines.

This is the most important and powerful technique.

Adding Unique data to your site to reach search engines.

While writing blog posts you should be careful enough that the words and sentences should not be copied from other sites and meta tags, the title of the blog post should be selected so that , they should be unique and some speciality in that.

For ex:- if I want to add post on SEO, I might write, “3 creative Techniques for SEO”,

“SEO for dummies” etc.

So that your post will get highlighted . This is again an important technique in SEO.

Please make sure you follow these techniques to your site and I assure that your site will get an improvement of atleast 50% and gets more hits after these techniques.

Please let me know your comments on this post.


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